Dr. Jen is happy to be helping the people in this Cedar Rapids community live healthier lives! 

Chiropractic Helps Me Stay Active

Dr Jen has been such a blessing since I started seeing her for regular adjustments.  She takes the time to help me understand what is causing my pain and what she can do to correct it.  I have always had trouble with pain, but Dr Jen has shown me that it's not something that I have to deal with or get used to.  I trust her expertise in chiropractic care to help me stay active so I can continue living a healthy and comfortable life!

-- Liza

Regular Adjustments Keep Me Headache Free

I have been seeing Dr Jen for routine adjustments regularly for several years.  I am a nurse practitioner and I know how important spinal alignment and health are.  My job is rewarding but can also be quite stressful.  I drive 8+ hours per week and often work in less than ideal ergonomic settings which leads to head, neck and mid-back pain.  Before I started visiting Dr Jen I would often find myself needing ibuprofen or Tylenol at the end of a long day due to head or neck pain.  Dr Jen's adjustments and professional advice have ensured that I'm functioning at my best and remain headache free without the need for pharmaceuticals.  I recommend routine chiropractic care to any of my patients as part of general health maintenance and I highly recommend Dr Jen because of her skills, knowledge, and the exceptional care she provides.

-- Megan

Keeps Me a Happy Mom

I have been going to Dr Jen for the past 4 years.  Having Chiropractors in my family I understand their importance and also know that not all chiropractors are alike.  One of the things I love about Dr Jen is that I never feel any pressure to come back and see her.  I want to go back because each time I feel better leaving her office.  During my 4 years with her I have been pregnant 2 different times and I will say that I couldn’t image getting through pregnancy without her.  My hips seem to take a toll each time but with her help it seems more bearable.  My 4 year old daughter loves to go see Dr Jen and asks me from time to time the next time she will get to see Dr Jen.  I think it’s important for my entire family to see Dr Jen.  She keeps us healthy and that makes me a happier mom!

-- Sarah

Meets My Unique Individual Needs

I have been going to chiropractors for many years. Dr. Jen is the first chiropractor who has given me such wonderful relief from pain. Without cracking me! She pinpoints the exact spot to correct. Dr. Jen is not a one type of adjustment fits all kind of doctor. She applies the correct adjustment to each individual patient with excellent results! Thank you Dr. Jen for caring so much about my well being!

-- Pat

Our Kids Love Visiting Her Office

Our journey of healthy living started in 2014. My husband coaches wrestling and was experiencing shoulder pain. Another coach/friend recommended going to visit Dr. Jen. With the goal of relieving the pain, my husband had his first appointment with her. By the time he came home his goal was not only pain relief, but also his overall well-being. After his first visit I decided I also wanted/needed an "aligned" lifestyle as well. Dr. Jen's knowledge of the body and health is limitless and so helpful. She explains everything so thoroughly and truly cares that you understand. She has cared for specific areas of our bodies (shoulders, jaw, lower back, neck, etc.) and throughout my last pregnancy.

Having such a positive first time experience  with chiropractic care, we knew we wanted this for our whole family. Dr. Jen so warmly invited our children into her office and after receiving care from her our children started sleeping better, experienced less illnesses, and became active participants in their own well-being. Our kids love visiting her office and are always looking forward to their next appointment!

I proudly can say that my husband, myself, our 5 year old, 2 year old, and one month old are not only hoping for a healthy life, we are living a healthier life thanks to Dr. Jen!

-- Kyle and Chris

I Met an Angel

During my 80 years of life I have seen many chiropractors.  During those visits I thought I had received good care.  About three years ago by chance Dr Jen's and my path met.  I was impressed by her manner and interest in my problems.  After my first visit I knew the other chiropractors were not of her stature.  I knew I had met a chiropractor with a brain that was used and is able to apply loving care.  I met an angel.

-- Loren

Care for the ENTIRE FAMILY!

Before seeing Dr. Jen, my husband was having a lot of neck and back pain.  He had been going to a chiropractor for many years but the pain continued to get worse and he wasn't getting much relief.  The chiropractor he was seeing at the time finally told him there wasn't much more he could do for him - he'd just have to live with the pain.  That prompted our search for another chiropractor.  We were so excited when we found Dr. Jen!  She has taken the time to find the source of his pain.  Now with routine adjustments he has a lot less pain.


I had frequent headaches and hip pain when I went to see Dr. Jen.  The pain wasn't unbearable but annoying, but Dr. Jen explained that I don't have to be in pain.  She has helped to locate the source of the pain and is able to help me maintain a healthy spine with routine adjustments.

Our children also see Dr. Jen for adjustments to maintain a healthy spine and one gets adjustments that have helped to stop bed wetting.


Dr. Jen truly cares about our overall health.  She doesn't rush through the appointments but listens to how you are feeling and explains how a healthy spine helps keep your whole body healthy.  She is even great at explaining those things to the kids.


We are so thankful for Dr. Jen!


-- Jason & Melanie & kids
Baby Turned Head Down!

If I would have to sum up my prenatal experience with Dr. Jen, it would be that she is a caring individual who wanted just as badly for my baby to flip successfully to head down position as I did. At about 27 weeks, I found out that my baby was in breech position. Frustrated, I sought out Dr. Jen through recommendation of a good friend of mine. Upon my first visit, I knew I had made the right choice. Dr. Jen very carefully manipulated me using the Webster technique and after my first adjustment with Dr. Jen, my son didn't stop moving for the next 24 hours. I saw Dr. Jen a total of 3 or 4 times and then it was confirmed at my 36 week appointment that the baby had flipped to head down position for delivery. Thanks so much for such a positive experience.

Happy, Healthy, Sleepy Baby

I have seen Dr Jen for quite a while for relief of headaches, neck pain, and low back pain and continued care when I was pregnant with my second baby.  When my son was born, he was very fussy.  I took him in to Dr Jen, and he was a totally new baby after only 2 adjustments in his middle back.  He was so happy and content.  A few weeks later, he wasn't sleeping well, so I kew I should try chiropractic care again.  Dr Jen adjusted his top neck bone only once, and he started sleeping so much better.  Chiropractic saved my whole family from a lot of fussy, sleepless nights!
--  Amy

We Hate Headaches

I started working a desk job after graduating from college five years ago. I have always been involved in various sports and try to stay active. However, when I started working the desk job I would experience occasional headaches and tightness in my upper neck.
I described my pain to Dr. Jen, and she took an X-Ray of my spine to pinpoint the cause of my pain. Dr. Jen explained the cause of my pain actually started lower in my back and could be the result of poor posture. She even got me comfortable sleeping on my back or side instead of my stomach. I did not realize some of my daily habits, including crossing my legs and arms, were putting a damper on my health.
My favorite part about Dr. Jen is that I can connect with her as a friend and not just a doctor. Unlike some doctors, she really takes the time to get to know her patients. Numerous times I called her with a headache and she told me to come on in the same day! I always walk out of her office feeling better than when I came in.
If you have not visited Dr. Jen, then I strongly encourage you pay her a visit. Her rates are reasonable even if you don't run it through insurance and you will not be disappointed.



Appreciates Spinal Health Education
I had been having pain in my SI joint (low back) for almost a year, when my yoga teacher suggested that I try chiropractic. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but I am so glad I listened to her advice. I've been seeing Dr. Jen for about 6 months now, and the pain in my SI joint has subsided significantly. She consults the x-ray of my back on every visit and makes very precise adjustments. Just as importantly, she takes the time to help me understand what's causing the pain and how I can better take care of my spine in my daily life. I know she is committed to helping me heal and gain health in the long term. If you are skeptical or on the fence about chiropractic, I wholeheartedly recommend that you see Dr. Jen -- she will change your mind!

No more colic for Nora
On October 4, 2010 my husband and I welcomed our daughter Nora into the world. After more than 48 hours of active labor, 2 hours of pushing and 1 emergency c-section, Nora was finally here!  While we were elated to finally meet our baby, our joy soon turned to frustration and anxiety. While Nora proved she had a great set of lungs in the hospital, showing us disapproval and discomfort from the get go, at home she continued to show us that something just wasn’t right.
By three weeks Nora was diagnosed with not only acid reflux, but also colic.  She cried most hours of the day and was generally only happy (not crying) for a few hours per day. This pattern lasted until just before Christmas, when I sought Dr. Jen’s help. The weekend prior to coming to Dr. Jen, after a disastrous family Christmas, several friends and acquaintances suggested the use of a chiropractor for colic. Out of desperation, I called Dr. Jen and made an appointment. As a nurse, I was a bit skeptical that this could really be so simple, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and it may even help. That day changed our life and our baby!
We brought Nora in on Monday afternoon.  Dr. Jen analyzed Nora’s back, then went to adjusting.  Dr. Jen explained everything as we went along.  While I was initially scared/uneasy having somebody work on my baby’s back, Dr. Jen was gentle and provided great comfort. The adjustments didn’t take long and we were soon on our way home.  Nora was quite upset by the adjustments, so I bundled her up to head for home. A block and a half from Dr. Jen’s office the car grew silent.  I figured Nora had worn herself out with the crying and had fallen asleep.  I decided I would take advantage of a sleeping baby and get some groceries while we were out.  I arrived at the store just a few minutes later, expecting to see my baby asleep in the carseat.  What I found however, was a baby very much awake, just looking around. I decided we would chance a meltdown and headed into the store. For 40 minutes I shopped, while Nora watched everything around her, content and most definitely not crying.  I thought how odd this occurrence was, but enjoyed it and moved on.  That evening Nora slept wonderfully.  She woke in the morning happy and cooing.
The next morning (Tuesday) Dr. Jen asked to see Nora back.  The few hours that Nora was awake prior to the appointment were delightful.  Nora was a gem.  Happy, cooing, content!  Could this be due to the adjustment I wondered?  The second adjustment went just as smoothly as the first. Unfortunately, as this was the week of Christmas, we had plans to head to family out of town.  Dr. Jen had wanted to see Nora one more time before Christmas, but we scheduled instead for the Monday following and crossed our fingers that this was our “cure” and Nora’s behavior would continue. On Thursday, we headed out of town for Christmas.  While traveling, my cell phone rang. When I answered, Dr. Jen’s friendly voice was on the other end.  She had been concerned about Nora and wanted to check up on her! WOW!
We’ve had a few more adjustments since.  Mainly when we feel that Nora is getting fussier for no reason, but all is well!  After just a few adjustments, Nora is a delightfully happy baby! Nora’s colic was completely gone after just two adjustments and her acid reflux improved to the point where we could take her off her medications. It is great to see that she is obviously feeling better. Not only is Nora feeling better, but mom and dad are too! We no longer feel helpless in trying to make our sweet baby feel better.
Both my husband and I agree that we wish it wouldn’t have taken nearly 2 months to get Nora to a chiropractor, but we’re so thankful to have found Dr. Jen and something that worked. We have already decided that we will have our next baby into Dr. Jen the day after they are brought home from the hospital.

I cannot begin to express how grateful we are to Dr. Jen for her care of Nora.  Her friendly and caring demeanor was just what this tired and anxious momma needed!!


Competes at optimal level
I'm an athlete at Coe College.  Although I don't have any neck or back pain I've been going to Dr. Jen for two years to make sure I'm functioning at my best so I can compete at my highest level.  During the wrestling season if I had any stiffness or pain I would go to Dr. Jen immediately and get relief.  I competed through two full wrestling seasons without any injuries and have continued to feel great.


--Clayton, 2x NCAA Wrestling Champion, 2010 & 2011

Family seeks wellness care
My family and I have been coming in to see Dr. Jen for a few years now. My husband and I always feel great after the adjustments we receive and they last. Even when I was pregnant with our daughters, Dr. Jen was able to make such a huge difference for my pregnancy pain and discomforts. My 3-year-old daughter Allie sees Dr Jen to make sure she continues to stay healthy and in all honesty we have had very few Dr visits outside of routine check-ups. My 5 month old Lily has had several problems with fussiness and digestive issues. We've had to take her to many Dr appointments including to see a pediatric gastro specialist, and through all that we have never had better luck than bringing her in to Dr. Jen. We could tell a huge difference in her in the same day as her adjustments. My family and I live in Clear Lake, and we have tried other Chiropractors that are closer to us, but we have found that it is well worth it to drive the 2.5 hours to see Dr. Jen. She is so much more thorough and precise than the other Chiropractors, and we can always tell a huge difference afterwards.

-- Jamie


Competes without pain and prevents future injury
As a wrestler at Coe college it was very important for me to keep my body in the best possible shape. For a long time I struggled with minor injuries and aches and pains that hindered my performance on the wrestling mat. Since I started going to Dr. Hinschberger she has worked one on one with me to fix any specific injury I am facing.


Dr. Hinschberger's personal approach makes the care she provides specific to my needs. She understands that everyone's bodies are different and takes the time to determine what individuals need specifically.


Along with helping me with specific injuries, Dr. Hinschberger has offered proactive ways for me to prevent future injuries. She has made me realize how important it is to take care of my body. With proper care the body has a great ability to heal itself . Dr. Hinschberger has been very helpful through my college wrestling career and I will continue to visit her in order to maintain balanced health.

-- Dale

Competes without neck pain

I am a wrestler at Coe College and have had neck problems for years.  Sometimes after practice or lifting, my neck will tighten up so much that I can't move it.  I can now go to Dr. Jen and will get relief with just a couple adjustments.  I continue to see her to prevent this from happening again.  She's also shown me correct posture, especially while lifting.

-- Johnny

Years of Sciatica Pain Relieved
I was unfortunate to have a bout of sciatica in my right leg.  I knew it immediately since I had it there about 2 years ago.  I used some meds that I still had on hand, but found no relief.  When I visited my doctor, she asked me if I had ever been to a chiropractor.  I had not in all my 58 years.  Her recommendation was to try that route to relieve my pain.


I asked my daughter in law if she could recommend anyone and she was more than eager to give me Dr. Jen’s name.  I did not know what to expect in a chiropractic visit, but Dr. Jen was so patient and explained about the sciatic nerve and how adjusting my spine could alter the pain.  The pain was intense and I was certainly willing to try anything.  What I found out is that the relief of that pain was just the icing on the cake.

Through some intense therapy, I found the pain ebbing and finally receding.  From time to time, I will get a bit of a twinge, but it does not stay.  However, that is just the beginning of what happened to me.


By continuing my sessions with Dr. Jen to a now monthly maintenance, I have found that I can walk with virtually no pain, a pain I did not realize I had until it was gone.  I had learned to live with it.  I used to have to stand up, wait for a while, and then could walk.  Now, I just get up and walk.  Where I had hip pain that I thought was a byproduct of a bad knee, I no longer have the pain.


Do I have pains?  Yes, I have a bad knee that will need surgery sometime in the future.  But I had been living with pain that I thought I had no control over—I was just getting old, I weighed too much, I had to sit in long meetings.  By looking at my x-rays, I now know that my spine was not what it needed to be.  Dr. Jen has carefully worked to reduce swelling, to adjust, and all the while explain what she does and why.


Best of all, Dr. Jen Hinschberger is a consummate professional.  She monitors my progress and provides the best possible care without requiring appointments that she knows I don’t need (actually what I heard that many people have to do with other chiropractors and what made me not seek one out before this age).  I am so glad I found her.  Because now, I feel more wonderful than I thought possible.


"I can say that my headaches and stiff neck have been eliminated!"

I started seeing Dr Jen about a year ago because I was continuously having extreme stiff necks and headaches.  After the initial consultation and x-rays it was determined that I had a curve in the middle of my spine that was source of my neck stiffness and headaches. Although I’ve been a work in progress, I can say that my headaches and stiff necks have been eliminated. I continue to see Dr Jen each month to stay on track.  Before going to Dr. Jen, I’ve been to other chiropractors who were after the “quick fix” and never searched out the real reason why I was having headaches and neck problems. Dr Jen really took the time to understand and research the best solution for me. She is an awesome Dr. and her methodology is right on target!


"I now have a much more comprehensive and holistic health plan."
I am a 42-year-old, mother of three; I exercise daily, eat naturally, and lead a very active life. Like a lot of people, I have a fairly good history of injuries…I have been involved in a couple of car accidents, a few pretty serious falls, and just the repetitive stresses of four decades of a busy life.  Last summer I experienced what I thought to be a pretty minor shoulder sprain, that would just not heal; and as a serious student of natural and holistic health solutions I made the decision to see Dr. Jen instead of lining up for a standard cortisone shot or surgery to “speed up” the natural process.  Dr. Jen was able to alleviate the pain I was having in my shoulder through a series of well-researched techniques and adjustments that corrected the position of my arm-shoulder-back.  But more than that, she was able to show me an x-ray of my spine that perfectly illustrated the history of my prior incidents and behaviors- as well as the corresponding health problems that I thought were just a process of getting older.  For years I have put up with headaches, digestion issues, and who knows what else – the least of it being back pain!  Between my own efforts to be healthy, and Dr. Jen’s care and guidance (spine/nervous system in the optimum position), I now have a much more comprehensive and holistic health plan.

- Jamie

Headaches are gone, and so are the rest of my aches!

Having gotten into an automobile accident in late October of 2009, I was in a lot of physical pain. My neck hurt, my back hurt, and most significantly, I was having headaches & migraines that I had never experienced before. I called up Dr. Jen and she did a thorough examination while explaining to me what she was seeing on the x-rays. She also went through with me what she would be doing in the months to come to assist in my recovery process. I have been a client of Dr. Jen’s for three months, going in to see her approximately two times a week. Not only have the headaches gone away, but I no longer have aches and pains. I realize that just because you don’t feel pain, it doesn’t mean that you’re all of the sudden cured. I still ensure that I see Dr. Jen at least once a week because I know that is the right thing for my overall health and well-being. The Gonstead technique combined with the knowledge of Dr. Jen has made me truly appreciate a chiropractor like her. She goes above and beyond with ones cares which has essentially helped me bounce back from an accident. Thank you, Dr. Jen, for truly caring about my health.

-- Shelby

"Now I feel better than I could ever imagine."
I started seeing Dr. Jen about a year ago, after several attempts to alleviate constant lower back pain and headaches.   I was very impressed how she listened and explained the course of action that I needed to improve my health... A year ago I was not very optimistic that the pain could be alleviated.  Now I feel better than I could ever imagine.

-- Carrie

Prefers to be proactive and prevent future problems
As a fairly healthy person I’m always looking for ways to up the ante and make myself that much healthier.  I don’t suffer from severe bank pain but I was curious if there was anything that could be done to keep my nervous system healthy for years to come. After visiting Dr.  Jen I had an expert take the time to not only take the X-Rays but explain to me exactly what my X-rays meant and what problems are happening with my body. I was surprised that after visiting other chiropractors in the past I had never had someone show me the X-Ray and explain what I was viewing and what was good and bad about it.   I now have knowledge which arms me to have a better idea of some changes I can make to alleviate problems from happening down the road.  Dr. Jen has been nothing but knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and genuine and I encourage everybody to see her.

-- Tricia

More energy, better sleep, improved health, & better quality of life
Throughout my 26 years of life I have had an awful time of falling asleep on a nightly basis & the past 13 years I have tried getting used to bad headaches & migraines. I just became numb to the fact that they occurred on a weekly basis.  I also figured there was no hope in curing them.  That was until I started seeing Dr. Jen Hinschberger three months ago and I honestly have not had a migraine since.  I have seen her on a weekly basis and I feel this has truly cured me.  I am also falling asleep very easily at night and it's wonderful.  I feel much more energized and have noticed an improvement in my health and quality of life.  I definitely recommend you going to Dr. Jen.  She is very well educated and is extremely thorough while explaining everything she is doing & seeing with your x-rays, so you are knowledgable about what is going on with your body.  I appreciate all she has done for me and refer her to as many people as I can.  Thank you, Dr. Jen, for all you have done for me!

-- Jacki

"Within a week I was almost pain-free and started to ease back into my workouts."
I’m a very active person who loves to workout. After putting off occasional pulling and stiffness in my neck, back and chest for a couple weeks, it finally caught up with me and completely disrupted my lifting. I decided it was time to visit Dr. Jen. Within a week I was almost pain free and started to ease back into my workouts. The following week I was back to 100% and haven’t relapsed since with only a monthly preventative adjustment! Dr. Jen does a great job of explaining what is causing the pain and what you can do to prevent injuries in the future. I highly recommend Dr. Jen! 


"What I thought was going to be a life of pain and discomfort has turned into a life that I can truly enjoy again."
After 8 years of back pain stemming from high school athletics I had basically succumb to the idea  that I was going to have “a bad back” and back pain for the rest of my life. At only 26 years of age this wasn’t a pleasant reality but after visiting numerous chiropractors I had all but given up. I gave it one last shot and walked into Dr. Hinschberger’s office one day. Immediately I could tell her this experience was going to be different. After a thorough exam, x-ray, and evaluation she began pinpointing problems and explaining them to me, so I actually knew what was going on with my body. I’ve been seeing Dr. Hinschberger for about 6 weeks now and what I thought was going to be a life of pain and discomfort has turned into a life that I can truly enjoy again. I would like to thank Dr. Jen and recommend her to anyone who reads this. You will be thrilled with her caring and sincere nature and best of all, she gets results.

Relieved low back pain
I am 18 years old, and have suffered from lower back pain for many years.  About six months ago, I saw a flyer for Hinschberger Chiro in my office.  I decided I should try it out because of the cheap price Dr. Jen was offering.  I am so glad I came to Dr. Jen.  She has helped me a lot with relieving the pain and inflammation.  She has also educated me on what exactly is going on in my back, and how to fix the problems.  I really enjoy getting adjusted because Dr.Jen is knowledgeable in her field and she definitely knows what she is doing.  I am so very thankful for her and her practice!

 - Joelle

Relief from numbness and tingling in hands, low back pain, and cramping in leg
When I first started seeing Dr. Jen, I was dealing with chronic low back and neck pain.  I had tingling and numbness in my left arm and cramping in my left leg that was so bad that I could not sleep at night.  I've been seeing Dr. Jen for 3 weeks now.  After my frist time, I had immediate relief in my left arm.  It was amazing to feel the tingling and numbness leave from my arm.  Now I'm sleeping at night and I no longer have the cramping in my left leg.  I'm amazed at how chiropractic helped me.  Dr. Jen did a great job finding the specific problems/subluxations and correcting them.  I feel much better being well adjusted!


"I felt immediate relief."
I have gone to chiropractors for about 25 years and have never gotten the relief that I have gotten since I have gone to Dr. Jen Hinschberger. I have suffered from migraines and lately I have been having trouble with my hips. She has helped with the headaches but I was the happiest when she put me on the knee chest table to help with my hips. She worked directly on the problem and not just in a general area. I felt immediate relief.



"After two adjustments, Isabelle stopped wetting the bed!"
Our daughter Isabelle was potty trained at the age of 2 1/2 years.  At three years of age she started bed-wetting.  Several trips to the doctor and taking away water after 6 pm at night didn't seem to make any difference.  We then decided to go to Dr. Jennifer Hinschberger.   After two adjustments, Isabelle stopped wetting the bed. Dr. Hinschberger was very knowledgeable and explained to us the reason Isabelle was bed- wetting.  We would recommend to any parent if their child is bed wetting, to give Dr. Hinschberger a call!


My health is my responsibility, and I choose chiropractic care to maintain optimal wellness.
I have been seeing Dr. Jen for a few years now.  Before seeing Dr. Jen, I suffered chronic neck pain worsened by athletics.  Dr. Jen has significantly reduced my neck pain which has allowed me to continue working out and wrestling.  She has also educated me on how our bodies rely on a healthy spine. Dr. Jen first adjusted me on the knee chest table and it was the best adjustment I have ever received.  I feel totally comfortable putting my health in Dr. Jen’s hands although she has taught me my health is my responsibility.



"Her adjustments give me so much relief and last longer."
I have seen chiropractors regularly for over 25 years and rarely have to visit a family physician besides for prevention screenings.  I have been receiving care from Dr. Jen for a few months now targeting my upper back and lower neck.  Her adjustments give me so much relief and last longer.  I can tell that she is providing me with specific care and is moving the one vertebrae in a precise direction.  


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